Details: Under The Covers, Dolore



Showdates: There are no show dates at this time

Only 30 seats available per show, “UNDER THE COVERS, DOLORE”  is a fully immersive performance art piece of music, dance, visuals, and singing by Angel Black-Orchid. The foundation of this show is the shadow aspects of the human psyche…

Nestled in Topanga Canyon California, Inside the intimate venue 131, guests are positioned comfortably on pillows forming a “half moon shape” Offerings of water and apple are passed around on a tray for all to share. You are not forced to stay in your seat. Instead encouraged to interact with yourself, one another, and Angel Black-Orchid. Communication during the show is welcome in all forms, however specific avoidance to using “spoken words”is requested.  This show creates a safe environment where you can enhance your abilities to explore telepathic and alternative tools of expression like; chanting, dancing, eye gazing, singing, yoga, crawling, meditation, or non verbal emotional responses…

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Q. How long is the performance?

A. Because each performance is a little different based on audience responses, the show can be anywhere from 60-90 minutes long.

Q. Why is it important for us not to talk?

A. This show is based on scientific research in music cognition that shows, when our brain is processing music, that processing can be significantly interrupted when spoken words are interjected, thereby altering the effects of the experience and development occurring.

Q. What is the purpose of telepathic communication?

A. This experience supports the development of alternative communicative tools for the purpose of deeper understanding and emotional awareness of both oneself and others.

Q. What does Dolore mean?

A. Dolore is Latin for; “with pain”. This show’s concept is sharing what is “under the covers” for example, “emotional pain”, openly in a social setting for the purpose of integration. To be “with” your inner pain as apposed to being “disconnected” from it.

Q. Is there assigned seating?

A. Upon arrival you will be checked in at the door. Your seat is chosen at random by pulling a name out of a hat. We encourage people to attend the show solo, however if you come with friends you will still be close but may not be seated next to each other. Remember, you don’t have to stay in your seat but if you are sitting, you will need to use  the seat assigned to you.

Q. What does “interactive” seat mean?

A. Interactive seats are within the circle, where we will be serving water and apples and where of most of the interaction will be experienced. There will also be chairs behind the circle, which are more for those who do not want to be seated on the floor. These seats are reserved ahead of time

Q. What does Angel Black-Orchid mean?

A. The name Angel Black-Orchid represents Angie’s inner child who she refers to as “Angel” and Black Orchids are a kind of endangered flower.


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