Notes from the comment box: The audience shares about their experience of Under The Covers, Dolore…


“Under The Covers, Dolore is a bold, vulnerable performance piece that invites the audience to participate in a unique way. Looking forward to seeing more of Angie’s work in the future.”


“Wonderfully performed journey takes a deep dive through dark and light liberatingly.”


“I was lucky enough to attend the premiere, and found this performance to be one of the most emotionally thought-provoking experiences I have ever had.

KUDOS Angie, for making your vision a reality and for bringing us all along with you.”


“So strong. So beautiful. So True. Love!” 


“A new original form of art. You shouldn’t miss a show of Angel Black-Orchid.It is absolutely amazing. Angie is introducing something very genuine and unique to the audience experience of music, movement, dancing and visual effects!”


“This production has inspired me to perfect my craft as a performer and as a person who cares for us. The first and second show were unique experiences. Deep. Beyond Beautiful.” 


“Wonderful experience! Because it is interactive it was more emotional than I expected. Very up and down. I felt the whole room was experiencing the same or similar emotional ride in our own world. Felt very connected to the whole room. Excellent!” 


“Phenomenal!!! What an amazing experience. Angie has such an extraordinary voice and her energy is tremendous. Loved it!!” 


“Beautiful show, I love it!!” 


“Amazing transformative experience, thank you.” 


“Very inspirational and emotionally enlightening. Time flies quick in this soul satisfying journey.” 


“Thank you thank you thank you. Life is never short of surprises. My lord, what a performance. True art and soul.” 


“Hello, canyon friends~ I saw Angie Donkin‘s show last night & it was spectacular! Her voice, musicianship and full-out emotional gusto are not to be missed! This girl can SING! and Perform! and Hold the room! I was seriously impressed- moved and inspired. “Under the Covers Dolore” is playing at 131 TC Blvd next door to Corazon and the general store. Angie doesn’t know I’m writing this, and frankly, I’m surprised to find myself on here:)! I want to support a local canyon artist and encourage our neighbors to come see this beautiful, eclectic, organic, intimate performance. The ‘audience participation” part might sound off-putting to some, but it was super minimal/gentle/light; not a forced thing at all. Angie lays it all there and invites us on the ride with her. I have found my new fav singing voice for sure & I’m proud of everyone who put this sweet show together, esp Angie- who was once in the circus (sersly!) and now graces our canyon with brilliant talent and a huge heart. Check it out!”


“Truly an innovative piece and one that inspires introspection in the audience member LIVE. Personally speaking, the performance felt therapeutic and entertaining at the same time. If you are looking for something outside the box, in the moment and on the cutting edge, the $20 admission is a real steal.”


“Angel Black Orchid is an intimate yet high energy performance that peers into the vulnerable, natural and eternal forces that drives expression of the soul. Angel’s songs and vocals shine throughout as she debuts new original material from her forthcoming LP Snakeweb.”


“Angie’s performance took me deep into my self experiencing of self, she cracked open my cranium and stirred my gray goopy, two at a time she led us ceremonially into her vision and sat us specifically, she told us intent-fully to gather our breaths and be forewarned us to let go in order to hang on, then she changed faces and stepped out of herself.
Soon on the edge of my soft pillow seat Angie’s intent snuck up behind my blind ego fear and pushed my wounded man presence into the tumultuous waters where my super-ego swims tired and alone.

she sang pain and I could see her heart bleeding. She sang of hope and love and longing and I got hard for the love I long for. She set fire to water, I swallowed and words of her wisdom torched my inner dialogue. I exhaled the dust of my murdered self defeating self and watched as it sank three fathoms deep. Yet, as deep as I had been brave enough to go, still deeper down a white light emanating up from a one of a kind Angel Black Orchid. It rose from the darkness of my pre conceived and I smiled that I was witness to the shine of such a deep and powerful presence as Angie Donkin.

Angel Black Orchid is a must see/do/experience. a dark deep dynamic and sort of scary for me, this time.”

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